.04 Accreditation.

A. The Board shall:

(1) Base accreditation and approval of continuing education programs solely upon their content; and

(2) Ensure that continuing education programs are directed toward improvement, advancement, and extension of professional skill and knowledge related to chiropractic.

B. Pre-Approved Providers.

(1) A course or program conducted by a pre-approved provider is considered approved without further review, provided that the course or program meets the subject-matter requirements of §D of this regulation.

(2) The Board shall post the list of pre-approved providers on the Board's website for public view.

C. Non-Pre-Approved Providers.

(1) Non pre-approved providers shall submit courses within 60 days before commencement of course date for review.

(2) The Board shall formally respond to submittals in a timely manner.

(3) The process for submission for approval shall be published on the Board’s website.

(4) The Board shall post the list of approved courses from non-pre-approved providers on the Board's website for public view.

D. For license renewal credit, the Board may approve a program consisting of one of the following subjects or a combination of these subjects:

(1) Chiropractic principles and adjusting techniques;

(2) Chiropractic ethics and jurisprudence;

(3) X-ray quality assurance program;

(4) Diagnostic imaging;

(5) Physical diagnosis;

(6) Clinical laboratory diagnosis;

(7) Orthopedic diagnosis;

(8) Neurological diagnosis;

(9) Rehabilitative procedures;

(10) Nutritional diagnosis;

(11) Physical therapy;

(12) Risk management;

(13) Cultural competency or diversity awareness; or

(14) A subject with clinical application approved by the Board.

E. Continuing medical education courses may not exceed 12 hours during any renewal period.

F. A Licensee may achieve up to 12 hours for verified participation as an instructor, volunteer, or mentor under structured, sponsored programs reviewed and approved by the Board.

G. The Continuing Education Course processing review fee shall be paid in accordance with COMAR 10.43.06.

H. In addition to the 48 hours of continuing education, a licensee shall maintain a current CPR certification at the healthcare provider level from a Board-approved CPR provider for each renewal period

I. Approved credits are not transferable and are acceptable toward fulfillment of the continuing education requirement only in the renewal period in which the approved credits are earned.