.08 Activities That May Be Performed by Chiropractic Assistants or Chiropractic Assistant Trainees Under Direct Supervision of a Supervising Chiropractor.

A chiropractic assistant or a chiropractic assistant trainee may perform the following activities under the direct supervision of a supervising chiropractor who is in the treatment area:

A. Functional activities of daily living and hygiene;

B. Gait practice and ambulation;

C. Demonstration, administration, and observation of therapeutic exercises as prescribed by a supervising chiropractor;

D. Assist in moving a patient within the treatment area;

E. Contrast baths;

F. Hot and cold packs;

G. Hubbard tank;

H. Infrared, ultraviolet irradiation, non-laser light therapy, and non-ablative therapeutic laser;

I. Muscle stimulation;

J. Electrotherapy;

K. Paraffin baths;

L. Traction therapy;

M. Ultrasound;

N. Whirlpool;

O. Diathermy;

P. Therapeutic massage, if licensed under Health Occupations Article, Title 6, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

Q. Mechanical or computerized examination procedures for the sole purpose of collecting data subject to the following conditions:

(1) All data will later be used and interpreted by the chiropractor to form a diagnosis and treatment plan; and

(2) No test may be performed that requires diagnosis or interpretation as part of the data collecting or testing procedure.