.06 Supervising Chiropractor Prohibited Acts.

A. The supervising chiropractor may not:

(1) Delegate responsibilities in any manner to anyone not holding supervising chiropractor status;

(2) Leave the treatment area:

(a) When treating a patient;

(b) When a chiropractic applicant is treating a patient; or

(c) During a chiropractic applicant’s 20-hour observation period;

(3) Permit a chiropractic applicant to treat a patient without the presence of the supervising chiropractor in the treatment area; or

(4) Be unavailable by phone call or text when a chiropractic assistant is treating an established patient with an established treatment program as set forth under Regulation .10B of this chapter.

B. The license of a licensee who violates this regulation shall be subject to the penalties set forth in COMAR 10.43.10.