.05 Responsibilities of the Supervising Chiropractor.

The supervising chiropractor shall:

A. Submit:

(1) The required Board Request to Employ form before undertaking any hands on training or coursework with any chiropractic assistant applicant; and

(2) All other Board-required reports and forms in a timely manner as determined by the Board.

B. Notify the Board and course instructor or instructors of any change in status of any chiropractic applicant or assistant within 10 days of the change, including:

(1) Reasons for the change in status;

(2) Training received by the applicant or assistant;

(3) Hours completed by the applicant or assistant; and

(4) The applicant's or assistant's forwarding address;

C. Maintain accurate, legible, and comprehensive records of all clinical training provided to the chiropractic applicant or assistant, including, but not limited to:

(1) Dates and times and duration of training as described in Regulation .02 of this chapter;

(2) Modalities;

(3) Equipment used; and

(4) Any other information as directed by the Board;

D. Follow indirect supervision procedures set forth under Regulation .10 of this chapter;

E. Immediately produce the records described in §C of this regulation and Regulation .10D(1) of this chapter upon request or audit by the Board;

F. Promptly:

(1) Report a chiropractic applicant or assistant not making satisfactory training progress; and

(2) Report before the Board as directed regarding the details of the training program issue;

G. Maintain competency in knowledge of applicable laws and regulations and successfully complete any jurisprudence requirements that may be directed by the Board;

H. Ensure that all patient records accurately and legibly reflect the extent and degree of the involvement or assistance of the chiropractic applicant or assistant;

I. Submit the in-service training hours and verification of chiropractic applicant or assistant competency on a form provided by the Board within 30 days of completion of training or transfer of the chiropractic applicant or assistant to another supervising chiropractor;

J. Be fully responsible for the safe and competent performance of the chiropractic applicant or assistant at all times; and

K. Provide direct supervision to not more than five chiropractic assistants or applicants.