.03 Chiropractic Assistant Examinations and Registration.

A. A chiropractic assistant trainee who otherwise qualifies for registration is entitled to be examined as provided in this regulation.

B. The chiropractic assistant trainee shall pass a Board proficiency and jurisprudence examination.

C. The chiropractic assistant trainee shall:

(1) Pay to the Board as set forth in COMAR 10.43.06:

(a) A nonrefundable application fee; and

(b) An examination fee; and

(2) Submit all fees, transcripts, and application documentation postmarked no later than 30 days before the examination date.

D. The Board shall:

(1) Give examinations to chiropractic assistant trainees at least twice a year, at the times and places that the Board determines;

(2) Notify each qualified chiropractic assistant trainee of the time and place of examinations; and

(3) Determine the subject scope, form, and passing score for examination.

E. Reexaminations.

(1) If the chiropractic assistant trainee fails the examination twice, the chiropractic assistant trainee may retake the examination only if the chiropractic assistant trainee:

(a) Pays the reexamination fee; and

(b) Completes additional minimum 10 hour refresher classroom training courses as approved by the Board in areas of deficiency.

(2) A chiropractic assistant trainee who fails the examination twice may not perform in-service training duties in direct patient care or treatment under Regulation .03 of this chapter.

F. A chiropractic assistant shall notify the Board of any change in the name or electronic or physical address of the chiropractic assistant, in writing, within 60 days after the change occurs.

G. A chiropractic assistant shall display the registration and any current renewal registration conspicuously in the space where the registration holder is engaged in practice, including in any temporary space, or in any exhibit location.