.02 Chiropractic Applicant or Assistant Qualifications and Training.

A. At the time of application on the Request to Employ form for training, an applicant shall:

(1) Be 18 years old or older;

(2) Be of good moral character;

(3) Be a U.S. Citizen or hold federal documentation authorizing employment;

(4) Be proficient in the English language sufficiently to allow for clear interaction with patients;

(5) Be enrolled in a Board-approved Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) class within 4 months of the commencement of the chiropractic assistant training or be currently CPR certified;

(6) Be a graduate of a high school or hold a GED; and

(7) Have any foreign transcripts professionally interpreted and certified

B. An applicant who otherwise qualifies for being employed within the 1-year chiropractic assistant training program shall:

(1) Complete the profile portion of the application;

(2) Provide the supervising chiropractor with:

(a) The requested documentation;

(b) A diploma or transcripts;

(c) A valid State picture identification; and

(d) An authorization to work in the U.S. for the application documentation, if applicable; and

(3) Submit satisfactory evidence of having completed a State and national criminal history records check in accordance with Health Occupations Article, §3-302.1, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. The supervising chiropractor shall complete and submit to the Board a legible application anddocumentation proving that the applicant meets the qualifications listed in §A of this regulation.

D. An applicant may not commence work or training until the supervising chiropractor receives an authorization letter from the Board.

E. Within 120 days of the date of hire, the applicant shall:

(1) Satisfactorily complete the required CPR class;

(2) Enroll in a Board-approved chiropractic assistant 103-hour course of instruction; and

(3) Submit proof of completion of both requirements in a timely manner on the form provided by the Board.

F. Within 1 calendar year of the date of hire, the applicant shall satisfactorily complete:

(1) A minimum of 520 in-service training hours, of which:

(a) The initial 20 hours shall consist of observation procedures as listed in Regulation .09 of this chapter and performed by the supervising chiropractor or registered chiropractic assistant; and

(b) The remaining 500 hours shall consist of direct supervision by a supervising chiropractor in the treatment area; and

(2) A 103 hour course of instruction from a Board-approved provider with a minimum of:

(a) 24 hours in anatomy and terminology;

(b) 3 hours in jurisprudence and risk management; and

(c) 76 hours in physical therapy modalities and indications.

G. No waivers, extensions, or exceptions shall be granted except by majority vote of the Board .

H. Failure to meet the requirements of §§E and F of this regulation shall result in immediate suspension from the applicant training program.