.03 Eligibility.

A. An extern applicant is eligible for approval in the chiropractic extern program if the applicant is:

(1) Currently enrolled in an approved program that is recognized by the Board as:

(a) Requiring adequate clinical training; and

(b) Maintaining an acceptable course of chiropractic instruction;

(2) A recent graduate that has completed a preceptorship program; or

(3) A chiropractor licensed in another state, whose license is in good standing.

B. An extern applicant shall:

(1) Meet all the qualifications as set forth in Health Occupations Article, §§3-302 and 3-303, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(2) Be in good standing:

(a) At the accredited Board-approved educational institution; or

(b) In the state currently licensed;

(3) Submit the completed application forms as required by the Board;

(4) Pay the application fee as set forth in COMAR 10.43.06;

(5) Submit to a criminal background check;

(6) Have three letters of recommendation sent directly to the Board:

(a) From clinical science professors at the externís accredited Board-approved educational institution attesting to the applicantís good moral character and clinical abilities; or

(b) Two of which shall be from chiropractors attesting to the applicantís good moral character and one letter from the licensing board of the state in which the applicant is currently licensed attesting that the license is in good standing; and

(7) Be withdrawn from the program if the applicant has not obtained a license to practice chiropractic within 6 months from the date the externship is approved.