.05 Responsibilities of a Supervisor.

A. Responsibilities. A supervisor shall:

(1) Ensure that a supervisee is practicing within the scope of the supervisee's license;

(2) Determine the skill level at which the supervisee may practice;

(3) Focus on raw data from the supervisee's social work practice;

(4) Maintain documentation, for at least 5 years, of the supervisory sessions, including the dates, duration, and focus of the supervisory sessions;

(5) Provide 3 hours of face-to-face supervision per month with each supervisee;

(6) Ensure that a supervisee has read and is knowledgeable about Health Occupations Article, Title 19, Annotated Code of Maryland, and COMAR 10.42.0110.42.08;

(7) Within a reasonable period of time before termination of supervision, provide the supervisee and employer with a notice of termination to avoid or minimize any harmful effect on the supervisee's clients or patients; and

(8) At the time of license renewal, demonstrate to the Board completion of 3 of the required Category I or Category II continuing education units in a content area focusing on supervision training as stipulated in Regulation .04A(2)(c) of this chapter.

B. Additional Responsibilities. In addition to the requirements of §A of this regulation, the supervisor for advanced licensure shall:

(1) Establish a written contract for advanced licensure initiated before beginning supervision;

(2) Provide for emergency supervision and direction to a supervisee by a Board-approved supervisor;

(3) Complete the supervision verification form;

(4) Provide a written evaluation of the supervisee's progress to the supervisee every 6 months;

(5) Provide a copy of the documentation required by Regulation .04 of this chapter:

(a) On request by the supervisee; and

(b) On request, by the Board or its authorized agent; and

(6) Comply with a Board audit of a supervisor's compliance with regard to the supervision requirements and supervisory responsibilities.