.10 Extension of Time.

A. A social worker shall file a request for an extension of time, including the supporting documentation, with the Board. The request shall be in writing and filed before October 1 of the renewal year.

B. The Board shall consider and render a decision on the request within 21 days of receiving the written request.

C. The Board may grant an extension and conditionally renew a license for up to 6 months or reactivate or reinstate a license with an extension not to exceed 1 year if the Board determines that:

(1) Failure to fulfill the requirements is a result of:

(a) Functional impairment or prolonged illness that has been diagnosed by a health care practitioner;

(b) Mandatory military service or deployment;

(c) A prolonged absence from the United States;

(d) An officially declared State of Emergency or disaster; or

(e) Financial hardship; and

(2) The social worker attempted to meet the requirements.

D. Failure to obtain the required continuing education units on or before the 6-month extension expires shall result in:

(1) The social worker’s inability to practice social work in Maryland; and

(2) The Board placing the license on inactive status.

E. Continuing education hours earned after October 31 of the second year to fulfill the conditions of an extension may be credited only to the preceding 2-year period.

F. The Board shall audit a social worker who has been granted an extension of time for the completion of continuing education requirements.