.03 Guidelines for the Use of Telehealth.

A. A provider shall be accountable for any ethical and scope of practice requirements when providing telehealth services.

B. The scope, nature, and quality of services provided via telepractice are the same as that provided during in-person sessions by the provider.

C. The quality of electronic transmissions shall be appropriate for the provision of telehealth services as if those services were provided in person.

D. A provider shall only utilize technology with which they are competent to use as part of their telepractice services.

E. Equipment used for telehealth services shall be maintained in appropriate operational status to provide appropriate quality of services.

F. Equipment used at the site at which the patient or consultant is present shall be in appropriate working condition and deemed appropriate by the provider.

G. A provider shall be aware of the patient or consultant level of comfort with the technology being used as part of the telehealth services and adjust their practice to maximize the patient or consultant level of comfort.

H. When a provider collaborates with a consultant from another state in which the telepractice services are eventually delivered, the consultant in the state in which the patient lives shall be the primary care provider for the patient.

I. As pertaining to liability and malpractice issues, a provider shall be held to the same standards of practice as if the telepractice services were provided in person.