.02 Service Delivery Models.

A. Telehealth may be delivered in a variety of ways including those listed in §§B—E of this regulation.

B. Store-and-forward model/electronic transmission is an asynchronous electronic transmission of stored clinical data from one location to another usually by the internet via email and fax.

C. Clinician interactive model is a synchronous, real time interaction between the provider and patient or consultant that may occur via audio and video transmission over telecommunication links such as telephone, internet, fax, or other methods for distance communication, including:

(1) Videoconferencing;

(2) Remote control software applications;

(3) Computer applications;

(4) Fax transmittal and receipt;

(5) Email correspondence including attachments; or

(6) Video and audio transmission through regular mail service delivery and express delivery services.

D. Self-monitoring/testing model refers to when the patient or consultant receiving the services provides data to the provider without a facilitator present at the site of the patient or consultant.

E. Live versus stored data refers to the actual data transmitted during the telepractice. Both live, real-time and stored clinical data may be included during the telepractice.