.05 Renewal of Licensure.

A. Limited Licensure. A limited license shall be effective for 1 year from the date of issue and may be renewed once for one additional year on Board approval. The Board will renew a limited license if the limited licensee:

(1) Has not yet passed the national examination;

(2) Has a part-time supervised post-graduate position requiring additional weeks of employment; or

(3) Has a reason for renewal of the limited license that is acceptable to the Board.

B. Full Licensure.

(1) A license shall be renewed on or before May 31 of the year in which it expires.

(2) The applicant for license renewal is required to maintain evidence of satisfactory completion of continuing education requirements.

(3) A licensee who fails to complete the continuing education requirements within the time frame specified under Regulation .06 of this chapter may be subject to:

(a) Informal or formal discipline for failure to meet the requirements; and

(b) A monetary fine not to exceed $250.

C. Failure to Renew a License. A licensee who has failed to renew a license to practice in this State by June 30 of the year in which the license is due to be renewed is prohibited from practicing in this State.

D. If the Board determines that a licensee has practiced in this State after the license has expired, the Board may:

(1) Order the licensee to immediately cease and desist practice in this State until the license has been reinstated by the Board; and

(2) Take action as follows against a licensee for unprofessional conduct if it determines that the licensee practiced in this State after the license has expired:

(a) Issue a nonpublic consent agreement in which the licensee agrees to make an anonymous donation of $250 to a charitable institution and to perform 40 hours of Board-approved pro bono services;

(b) Provide the licensee with a settlement conference; or

(c) Charge the licensee with unprofessional conduct as provided in Health Occupations Article, §2314(10), Annotated Code of Maryland, for practicing without a license.