.08 Post-Disciplinary Reinstatement of a License.

A. Reinstatement.

(1) A licensee shall petition the Board for a termination of a suspension of a license or a reinstatement after revocation or surrender of a license.

(2) A licensee that petitions the Board for reinstatement under the terms and conditions for reinstatement set out in a final order, letter of surrender, or other order of the Board, shall apply for reinstatement only under those terms and conditions.

(3) A licensee whose license has been revoked or surrendered for 5 or more years before filing a petition for reinstatement is ineligible for reinstatement but may apply for initial licensure.

(4) In addition to complying with any conditions for reinstatement ordered by the Board, an applicant for reinstatement shall:

(a) File an application for reinstatement with the Board; and

(b) Meet the requirements for reinstatement.

B. Consideration of a Petition for Reinstatement

(1) In considering a petition for reinstatement, the Board may review the licensee’s entire Board file, including any information the Board received after the licensee’s suspension, revocation, or surrender.

(2) The Board may require the licensee to undergo medical, psychological, psychiatric evaluations, and/or require drug and alcohol testing to determine the licensee’s fitness to have their license reinstated.

(3) It is the licensee’s burden, as an applicant for reinstatement, to demonstrate that the licensee meets all of the Board’s requirements for reinstatement of the license at the time of the submission of the petition for reinstatement.

C. If the Board grants reinstatement of a license, it may impose any restrictions or conditions on the license or the licensee’s practice that it considers appropriate.