.16 Reinstatement.

A. A licensee shall petition the Board for a lifting of the suspension of a license or a reinstatement following revocation or surrender of a license.

B. The Board may reinstate a license only in accordance with:

(1) The terms and conditions of the order of revocation or suspension;

(2) A letter of surrender;

(3) An order of reinstatement issued by the Board; or

(4) A final judgment in any proceeding for judicial review.

C. When a time period is not specified in the Board’s final order, a petition for reinstatement may not be considered by the Board before the expiration of 1 year after the date of the order.

D. The form of a reinstated license shall:

(1) Be similar in every respect to an original license; and

(2) Bear the new date of issue.

E. A licensee whose license has been revoked or surrendered for 3 years or more before filing a petition for reinstatement is not eligible for reinstatement but instead shall apply for initial licensure.

F. If the Board grants reinstatement of a license, the Board may impose any restrictions or conditions on the license that the Board deems appropriate.