.05 Disposition of Complaints.

A. For each complaint, after reviewing any completed investigative information or reports, the Board shall:

(1) Dismiss the complaint;

(2) Close the case with informal action;

(3) Issue a cease and desist order;

(4) Refer the matter for further investigation;

(5) Refer the matter to an administrative prosecutor; or

(6) Vote to:

(a) Charge a licensee with a violation of the Maryland Physical Therapy Act;

(b) Consider the matter as a basis for a summary suspension;

(c) Initially deny a license or reinstatement of a license; or

(d) Accept the surrender of a license subject to conditions acceptable to the Board.

B. The Board may refer a complaint or other disciplinary matter to the administrative prosecutor at any time, whether or not it has voted to charge a licensee with violations of the Maryland Physical Therapy Act.