.04 Competence Necessary to Conduct Child Custody Evaluations.

A. To be considered competent to conduct child custody evaluations, a psychologist shall have education, training, experience, or supervision in the following areas:

(1) Child and adult development and psychopathology;

(2) Family dynamics and psychopathology, including the impact of divorce;

(3) Maryland law governing:

(a) Divorce;

(b) Child custody proceedings;

(c) Child abuse and neglect; and

(d) Family violence; and

(4) Performing psychological assessments of:

(a) Children;

(b) Adults; and

(c) Families.

B. A psychologist conducting a child custody evaluation shall have competence to effectively address common issues that may arise in conducting child custody evaluations such as:

(1) Age;

(2) Disability;

(3) Ethnicity;

(4) Gender;

(5) Gender identity;

(6) Language;

(7) National origin;

(8) Race;

(9) Religion;

(10) Culture;

(11) Sexual orientation; and

(12) Socioeconomic status.

C. A psychologist shall have an awareness of the literature relevant to conducting child custody evaluations.