.04-1 Supervised Professional Experience — Programs That Are Not Practice-Oriented.

A. For applicants for licensure graduating from programs that are not practice-oriented, supervised professional experience may be accrued in professional work in psychology using the methods, principles, and procedures of psychology, including, but not limited to:

(1) Teaching;

(2) Research; and

(3) Industrial or organizational consultation.

B. In order for the experience to qualify as full-time supervised professional experience, the applicant shall receive a minimum of 1 hour of individual supervision per week at a face-to-face meeting with the supervisor.

C. In exceptional circumstances, the Board may waive the requirement for face-to-face supervision:

(1) For pre-doctoral experience, if the academic program director attests to the nature of the circumstances and assures the Board that the quality of the supervision was not compromised; or

(2) For post-doctoral experience, if the applicant:

(a) Petitions the Board for a waiver before beginning the supervised experience; and

(b) Offers an alternative modality for supervision, including but not limited to televideo conferencing that does not substantially diminish the adequacy of the supervision.