.04 Personnel.

A. The permit holder shall appoint a responsible pharmacist who shall:

(1) Be responsible for the operations of the pharmacy and for compliance with the requirements of Health Occupations Article, Title 12, Annotated Code of Maryland, and the regulations promulgated under that title;

(2) Be responsible for reviewing the policies and procedures manual of the pharmacy annually and revising it as necessary;

(3) Be responsible for the safe and efficient dispensing, delivery, and control of, and be accountable for, medications and devices dispensed or distributed by the pharmacy;

(4) Work in cooperation with the other professional staff of the assisted living program or group home in meeting the responsibilities set forth in Regulation .06 of this chapter and in ordering, storing, and accounting for pharmaceutical materials; and

(5) Develop a process for the pharmacy to be notified of medications which have been discontinued.

B. Staff.

(1) The permit holder:

(a) May employ registered pharmacy technicians as required to provide pharmaceutical services to the residents of the assisted living program or group home; and

(b) Shall provide policies and procedures that specify the duties that may be performed by registered pharmacy technicians under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and the duties that may be performed only by a licensed pharmacist.

(2) The permit holder may employ unlicensed personnel to provide operational support as defined in COMAR