.03 Policies and Procedures.

The permit holder shall establish and operate under a policies and procedures manual which:

A. Complies with this chapter;

B. Defines the scope and method of pharmacy services provided to the residents of the assisted living program or group home;

C. Determines under what circumstances personnel may have access to the pharmacy area;

D. Provides for the safe and efficient dispensing and delivery of pharmaceutical products as outlined in this subtitle;

E. Includes:

(1) Labeling requirements and distribution methods for medication provided in a single container, slot, blister package, or other method of delivering an entire single dosing unit; and

(2) The conditions in which an interim box may be replenished or prepared, delivered, and stored by the assisted living program;

F. Is provided to:

(1) The personnel of the pharmacy;

(2) The assisted living program;

(3) Group home; and

(4) Upon request, an agent of the Board; and

G. Is in a form that is:

(1) Written or electronic; and

(2) Readily retrievable.