.03 Requirements for Packaging and Delivery of Prescription Medication.

A. Packaging. Prescription medications delivered under this chapter to individuals in the State shall be:

(1) Enclosed in a container that reveals to the patient any tampering of the container that occurred during delivery or storage;

(2) Packaged in a shipping container in a manner that does not indicate that the contents are medications;

(3) Packaged in a manner that indicates:

(a) The name and address of the patient or authorized agent; and

(b) Any special storage conditions or requirements; and

(4) Packaged to contain:

(a) Written information regarding the prescription drug or device which is considered significant in the professional judgment of the pharmacist;

(b) A local or toll-free telephone number for the pharmacy; and

(c) Notification to the patient if the appearance of the patientís medication has changed from the patientís last refill.

B. Delivery.

(1) Location.

(a) A prescription medication may be delivered to the patient for whom the prescription is prescribed, wherever the patient is located.

(b) Instead of delivering medication directly to the patient under §B(1)(a) of this regulation, medication may be delivered to:

(i) An agent authorized by the patient; or

(ii) The residence of the patient, regardless of whether the patient is present at the residence at the time of delivery.

(2) The pharmacy permit holder shall:

(a) Enclose information to inform the patient if the patientís prescription is a temperature sensitive medication that is at risk for damage due to extreme hot or cold temperatures or moisture:

(i) During shipment; or

(ii) After delivery to the patientís mailbox or other designated location; and

(b) Inform the patient within 24 hours of being notified of the delay if the scheduled delivery of the patientís prescription will be interrupted or late.