.06 Accredited Continuing Education Programs.

A. The Board and the following providers are approved for any programs they offer which otherwise qualify for continuing education (CE) credit:

(1) American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE);

(2) Schools of pharmacy accredited by ACPE;

(3) Food and Drug Administration (FDA);

(4) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); and

(5) Additional providers of programs approved by the Board.

B. Procedures for Approval of Additional Programs.

(1) An additional provider shall request approval for an individual program by submitting a Board application at least 60 days before the date of offering of their individual program.

(2) An approval request shall fulfill the program requirements set forth in Health Occupations Article, §12-309(g), Annotated Code of Maryland.

(3) An approval request shall include a description of course work including:

(a) Measurable learning objectives;

(b) A course outline; and

(c) Self-assessment questions.

(4) The Board's decision to approve or disapprove a program is final.

C. Record Keeping for Providers of Approved Programs.

(1) Providers of approved programs shall maintain program records for 3 years from the date of presentation of the program.

(2) Providers of approved programs of CE shall furnish a certificate of completion to participants who qualify. The provider shall include the:

(a) Name of the participant;

(b) Name of the provider;

(c) Title of the course;

(d) Number of CE hours;

(e) Date of completion; and

(f) A program identification number or provider number on the certificate.

D. The Board may rescind approval of a CE program if it determines that the program no longer meets the requirements of Health Occupations Article, §12-309, Annotated Code of Maryland.