.03 Requirements for Pharmacists Practicing in Maryland.

A. A pharmacist license expires on the last day of the pharmacist's birth month every other year.

B. Before the expiration date of the pharmacist's license, the pharmacist shall:

(1) File a renewal application;

(2) Pay any applicable fees; and

(3) Earn continuing pharmaceutical education (CE) credits required by this chapter.

C. CE Requirements.

(1) A pharmacist licensed to practice in Maryland applying for renewal shall:

(a) Earn 30 hours of approved CE within the 2-year period immediately preceding the license expiration date that include:

(i) 1 hour on the topic of preventing medication errors, such as appropriate dispensing of opioids; and

(ii) 2 hours of CE obtained through live instruction;

(b) Attest to the fact that the pharmacist has completed the CE requirement on a Board approved form; and

(c) Retain supporting documents for inspection by the Board for 4 years after the date of renewal for which the CE credits were used.

(2) A pharmacist certified to administer vaccinations in Maryland applying for renewal shall:

(a) As part of the 30 hours of approved CE requirement, complete 4 hours of CE credits related to vaccinations; or

(b) If registered to administer vaccines before October 1, 2008 for the first renewal of the registration after that date, demonstrate that 4 CE credits taken include education about the herpes zoster and pneumococcal pneumonia vaccines.