.15 Adverse Drug Events.

A. The director of pharmacy or designee shall participate in the appropriate committee or committees to establish procedures to report and record adverse drug events including medication errors and adverse drug reactions.

B. The director of pharmacy or designee shall immediately report adverse drug events to the prescriber, or the prescriber's designee, and make a written or electronic report to the appropriate committee or committees, as determined by the governing body of the institutional facility.

C. The director of pharmacy shall participate in the deliberations of the institutional committee charged with the development of the programmatic and operational changes that result from the analysis of medication errors or other adverse events.

D. The director of pharmacy, in collaboration with the medical staff and other appropriate departments and services, shall develop and maintain a process for training staff regarding detecting and reporting medication errors to prevent future occurrences.

E. The director of pharmacy or designee shall make further reports of adverse reactions as required by federal or State law.