.07 Physical Requirements and Equipment.

A. The institutional pharmacy shall have floor space, shelving, and equipment to ensure that drugs and supplies within the institutional pharmacy are properly stored and prepared with respect to sanitation, temperature, light, ventilation, moisture control, segregation, and security.

B. The institutional pharmacy shall have professional and technical equipment, supplies, and adequate physical facilities for proper compounding, dispensing, and storage of drugs.

C. The institutional pharmacy shall have reference materials as required by COMAR to enable personnel to prepare and dispense drugs properly and perform pharmaceutical care functions.

D. The institutional pharmacy shall store alcohol and flammables in areas that meet basic local building code requirements for the storage of volatiles and such other laws, ordinances, or regulations as may apply.

E. An institutional pharmacy that provides parenteral preparations shall comply with COMAR 10.34.19.

F. The institutional pharmacy shall dispose of hazardous materials consistent with State and federal laws and regulations;

G. The institutional pharmacy is responsible for the maintenance of the institutionís automated medication systems in compliance with COMAR 10.34.28