.03 Issuance of Permits.

A. An institutional pharmacy shall obtain required permits in compliance with State and federal laws and regulations.

B. An institutional pharmacy shall:

(1) Staff a pharmacist at each decentralized pharmacy site within the building or pavilion in which it is located; and

(2) List decentralized pharmacy sites within the building in which it is located, on the initial application, or on the renewal application;

C. A decentralized pharmacy that meets the definition as set forth in this chapter may operate under the same permit as the institutional pharmacy located in the same building or pavilion.

D. If full service pharmacy services are provided to discharge patients, employees, clinic patients, or others, an institutional pharmacy shall obtain a full service pharmacy permit.

E. Any other pharmacy that does not meet the requirements of a decentralized pharmacy and is located on the campus or affiliated with an institutional pharmacy shall be separately licensed.