.25 Reciprocity.

The Board in its discretion, and otherwise subject to the laws pertaining to the licensing of nursing home administrators prescribing the qualification for a nursing home administrator license, may endorse, without retaking the national examination, a nursing home administrator license issued by the proper authorities of any other state, upon payment of the fee and upon submission of evidence satisfactory to the Board that the:

A. Other state maintains a system and standard of qualification and examination for a nursing home administrator license, which are substantially equivalent to those required by this State;

B. Other state gives similar recognition and endorsement to nursing home administrator licenses of this State;

C. Applicant for endorsement is familiar with State and local health and safety regulations related to nursing facilities, and has received a passing grade on the State's standards examination; and

D. Applicant for endorsement holds a valid license as a nursing home administrator which has not been revoked or suspended in each state from which the applicant has ever received a nursing home administrator license or reciprocal endorsement.