.14 Certification of Preceptor.

A. The Board shall issue a certificate of qualification to be a preceptor in the AIT program if the following conditions are met:

(1) The preceptor holds and has held a license from the Board for 1 year or longer;

(2) The proposed preceptor has been satisfactorily employed in nursing home administration for a minimum of 3 years as the nursing home administrator of record;

(3) The proposed preceptor has no disciplinary action pending nor is currently under investigation by the State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators;

(4) Persons seeking certification as preceptors in the AIT program shall submit evidence of the successful completion of a Board-approved training program for preceptors; and

(5) The proposed preceptor:

(a) Has been employed full time as a nursing home administrator of record for a minimum of 2 of the past 3 years immediately before application to precept; or

(b) Meets the following qualifications:

(i) Works on the same property as the nursing home where the AIT program will be conducted and meets the standard in Regulation .02B(7)(b) of this chapter;

(ii) Is able to demonstrate to the Board the proposed preceptorís active, direct, and material management and daily operations of the nursing home; and

(iii) Has been actively licensed as a nursing home administrator for a minimum of 5 years immediately before application to precept.

B. If the proposed preceptor has not precepted an AIT program within the past 5 years, the proposed preceptor shall recertify as a preceptor by completing a Board-approved training program.

C. The Board may disapprove a preceptor for a training program:

(1) If the preceptor has failed to remain in compliance with this chapter; or

(2) At any time for good cause.