.12 Continuing Education.

A. Before relicensure, an individual shall submit satisfactory evidence of having completed a minimum of 40 hours, unless otherwise specified by State or federal law, of continuing education, approved by the Board, within the 2-year period before the relicensure date. The approval of the continuing education shall be at the discretion of the Board.

B. The Board shall audit a percentage of nursing home administrators, to be determined by the Board, for each reporting period.

C. On request by the Board, a nursing home administrator shall provide full documentation of the credit hours completed in accordance with the requirements of this regulation.

D. All continuing education shall be completed in courses approved by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB), except as provided in E, F and G of this regulation.

E. The Board shall award 10 clock hours of continuing education for each completed accredited college credit that falls within the core of knowledge outlined in Regulation .09 of this chapter.

F. The Board shall award 1 hour of continuing education for each month a preceptor serves as an instructor in an AIT program, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours per renewal cycle.

G. A licensee suspended for disciplinary reasons is not exempt from the continuing education requirement in A of this regulation.