.08 Fees.

A. The fee for a license shall be established by the Board.

B. The fee shall be payable on notification by the Board that the applicant has successfully completed the requirements for licensure or renewal.

C. The license fee or license renewal fee does not include costs for participating in educational courses or for the examination.

D. Fee Schedule.

(1) Initial application — $100.

(2) Original license — $200.

(3) Biennial license renewal — $200.

(4) Reinstatement fee — $200.

(5) Duplicate of original license or license renewal — $50.

(6) Inactive fee — $100.

(7) Biennial inactive renewal — $100.

(8) Reactivation application fee — $100.

(9) Reactivation fee — $100.

(10) Repealed.

(11) Repealed.

(12) Fine for failure to notify Board of change in either name or home address of the licensee, or change in name or address of the employer or business connection of the licensee within 30 days of the change — $100.

(13) NAB Examination. The National Association of Long-Term Care Administrators Boards, Inc. determines the fee for the National Licensure Examination for nursing home administrators. A fee is charged each time a candidate takes the examination.

(14) State’s Standards Examination. The Professional Examination Service determines the fee for the Maryland State’s Standards Examination. A fee is charged each time a candidate takes the examination.

E. All fees are nonrefundable.