.05 Board of Examiners; Officers and Duties.

A. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board, and shall sign or designate who shall sign all official documents of the Board. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside at meetings, and perform all duties usually performed by the Chairman.

B. In addition to the duties imposed by law, the executive director shall:

(1) Attend all meetings of the Board;

(2) Keep a full and complete record of the minutes of the meetings;

(3) Notify the members of the Board of the time and place fixed for meetings of the Board;

(4) Maintain all records pertinent to the operation of the Board;

(5) Countersign all licenses and renewal cards;

(6) Conduct all routine correspondence for the Board;

(7) Issue all notices of meetings and hearings;

(8) Have custody of all books, records, and property of the Board; and

(9) Perform all duties pertaining to the office of executive director.

C. The executive director of the Board shall receive all monies payable to the Board and shall pay the same to general funds of the State.

D. The Board shall provide all nursing facilities with a current list of Board members and its appointed representatives and consultants.

E. The Board may provide consultation to administrators upon request through the executive director.

F. Board members may not make public statements or visitations to nursing facilities as official representatives of the Board unless authorized by the Board.