.04 Qualifications for Dispensing Permits.

A. An applicant for a dispensing permit shall:

(1) Possess a license to practice medicine in this State;

(2) Be in good standing as that term is defined in this chapter;

(3) Be of good moral character;

(4) Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the statutes and regulations governing the practice of dispensing prescription drugs;

(5) Complete the application on a form supplied by the Board; and

(6) Pay the required fee as set out in COMAR

B. The applicant shall:

(1) State each location at which prescription drugs will be dispensed; and

(2) Grant permission to OCSA to inspect each location at which drugs will be dispensed at any reasonable hour.

C. An applicant for renewal of a dispensing permit shall submit, upon request, documentation of completion of at least ten continuing education credits related to the preparing and dispensing of prescription drugs offered by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education or as approved by the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health.