.16 Unauthorized Practice of Naturopathic Medicine and Title and Identification as Naturopathic Doctor.

A. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, an individual may not practice, attempt to practice, or offer to practice naturopathic medicine in this State without a license. An individual who violates this section:

(1) Is guilty of a felony and upon conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or both; and

(2) Is subject to a civil fine of no more than $50,000 to be levied by the Board.

B. Unless an individual is licensed to practice naturopathic medicine, the individual may not:

(1) Represent to the public by title, by description, of service, methods, or procedures, or otherwise, that the individual is licensed by the Board to practice naturopathic medicine;

(2) Use the title “doctor of naturopathic medicine”, “doctor of naturopathy”, naturopathic doctor”, or “naturopath”; or

(3) Use the initials “N.D.”,” ND”, “NMD”, or “N.M.D.” after the name of the individual.

C. An individual licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in this State may not use the title “physician”.

D. A naturopathic doctor engaged in the private practice of naturopathic medicine in the state shall:

(1) Wear an identification badge tag or badge which identifies that individual as a naturopathic doctor; and

(2) Identify himself or herself to all patients as a naturopathic doctor.

E. An individual may not identify himself or herself as a naturopathic doctor unless licensed by the Board.