.08 Scope of Practice.

A license authorizes a licensee, consistent with naturopathic education, training, and competence demonstrated by passing the Naturopathic Physician Licensing Examination, to:

A. Order and perform physical and laboratory examinations for diagnostic purposes consistent with the education and training of naturopathic doctors, including:

(1) Phlebotomy;

(2) Clinical laboratory tests;

(3) Orifical examinations;

(4) Electrocardiograms with over read by a cardiologist; and

(5) Physiological function tests;

B. Order diagnostic imaging studies, interpret the diagnostic imaging reports and have access to the images from these studies. Naturopathic doctors shall not perform the imaging procedures nor directly interpret the images themselves;

C. Dispense, order, or administer natural medicines, including, but not limited to, food, extracts of food, nutraceuticals, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, botanicals and their extracts, and botanicalmedicines, homeopathic medicines and all dietary supplements andnonprescription drugs as defined by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as follows:

(1) Except for intravenous administration, the naturopathic doctor may order or dispense natural medicines that use various routes of administration, including:

(a) Oral;

(b) Nasal;

(c) Auricular;

(d) Ocular;

(e) Rectal;

(f) Vaginal;

(g) Transdermal; and

(h) Intramuscular; and

(2) The naturopathic doctor may only administer natural medicines through transdermal administration;

D. Administer or perform hot or cold hydrotherapy, naturopathic physical medicine, electromagnetic energy and therapeutic exercise for the purpose of providing basic therapeutic care services, except that if a referral to another licensed provider is appropriate for ongoing rehabilitation or habilitation services, the naturopathic doctor shall make the referral;

E. Provide health education and health counseling; and

F. Perform naturopathic musculoskeletal mobilization.