.11 Renewal, Reinstatement, and Continuing Education.

A. Renewal.

(1) An individual who has been licensed by the Board as a respiratory care practitioner may renew the license every 2 years on the date specified by the Board by:

(a) Completing an online renewal application on a form supplied by the Board;

(b) Paying the required renewal fee set by the Board;

(c) Attesting to the completion of 16 contact hours of approvedcontinuing respiratory care education, earned during the 2-year period preceding the expiration of the license for respiratory care, as described in §C of this regulation; and

(d) Meeting any additional renewal requirements set by the Board.

(2) The continuing education requirement applies to all renewal applications after the first renewal.

B. Reinstatement.

(1) Except as provided in §B(2) of this regulation, the Board shall reinstate the license of a respiratory care practitioner if the respiratory care practitioner:

(a) Completes a reinstatement application on a form supplied by the Board;

(b) Pays the required reinstatement fee and any other fees set by the Board;

(c) Documents evidence of at least 16 hours of approved continuing education in the 2 years preceding the application for reinstatement, as described in §C of this regulation; and

(d) Meets the renewal requirements in §A of this regulation.

(2) If the license has not been renewed for more than 5 years and the applicant has not been practicing in another jurisdiction or country during at least 3 of the 5 years preceding the application, the applicant shall pass an examination approved by the Board, and meet all the requirements of licensure at the time the respiratory care practitioner applies for reinstatement.

C. Continuing Education.

(1) Approved continuing respiratory care education includes:

(a) Programs accredited by or sponsored by one of the following organizations:

(i) Maryland/District of Columbia Society for Respiratory Care;

(ii) AARC’s Continuing Respiratory Care Education System; or

(iii) MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society; or

(b) Other programs:

(i) Having requirements equivalent to the programs accredited through the organizations listed in §C(1)(a) of this regulation; and

(ii) Approved by the Board.

(2) An applicant for renewal or reinstatement may substitute passing the examination for either certified respiratory therapist or registered respiratory therapist conducted by the National Board for Respiratory Care during the 2-year period preceding the application for renewal or reinstatement for the required continuing education.

(3) The Board may impose a civil penalty of up to $100 per continuing respiratory care education contact hour in lieu of a sanction under Health Occupations Article, §14–5A–17, Annotated Code of Maryland, for a first offense, for the failure of a licensee to obtain continuing education contact hours required by the Board.