.08 Non-Physician's Responsibility.

A. A physician who delegates or assigns a cosmetic medical procedure or the use of a cosmetic medical device to a non-physician or who supervises a non-physician performing these functions shall assure that the non-physician complies with this regulation.

B. A non-physician may not use a cosmetic medical device or perform a cosmetic medical procedure unless the individual has received:

(1) The training described in Regulation .07 of this chapter; and

(2) Any training required by that individual's health occupations board.

C. A non-physician shall:

(1) Review and follow the written protocol with respect to a cosmetic medical procedure;

(2) Verify that the physician has assessed the patient and given written treatment instructions for the procedure;

(3) Discuss the procedure with the patient to ensure that the patient:

(a) Is aware that the treatment will be provided by a non-physician; and

(b) Has given consent in writing to treatment by a non-physician;

(4) Notify the delegating physician about any adverse events or complications before the patient leaves the site;

(5) Document all relevant details of the procedure in the patient's chart, including any adverse events and complications; and

(6) Satisfy any requirements imposed by the licensing board of the non-physician.