.03 Physician Qualifications.

A. License. A physician shall obtain a license to practice medicine in Maryland before the physician may perform, delegate, assign, or supervise cosmetic medical procedures or the use of cosmetic medical devices.

B. Education.

(1) A physician who performs, assigns, supervises, or delegates the performance of cosmetic medical procedures by a non-physician first shall obtain training in the indications for and performance of the cosmetic medical procedures and operation of any cosmetic medical device to be used.

(2) Training programs provided by a manufacturer or vendor of cosmetic medical devices or supplies may not be a physician's only education in the cosmetic medical procedures or the operation of the cosmetic medical devices to be used.

(3) ACCME or AOA approved continuing education, or completion of an ACGME or AOA accredited postgraduate program that includes training in the cosmetic medical procedure performed satisfies this requirement.