.03 Committee.

A. The Board shall establish a committee composed of the following individuals:

(1) Three licensed physicians meeting the following criteria:

(a) At least one physician shall be a specialist in orthopedic or sports medicine; and

(b) At least two of the physicians shall currently be or in the past have been partnered with or directed an athletic trainer;

(2) Three athletic trainers who meet the following criteria:

(a) Have at least 5 years of clinical experience as an athletic trainer;

(b) If appointed or serving before October 1, 2011, be certified by the certifying board; and

(c) If appointed or serving on or after October 1, 2011, be licensed as an athletic trainer;

(3) One licensed chiropractor with sports medicine experience;

(4) One licensed physical therapist;

(5) One licensed occupational therapist; and

(6) Two consumers meeting the criteria specified in Health Occupations Article, §14-5D-05(c), Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Selection of Athletic Trainers. The Board may appoint the athletic trainer members from a list of qualified individuals submitted to the Board by the Maryland Athletic Trainers Association, Inc.

C. Tenure.

(1) The term of a member is 3 years.

(2) The terms of the members are staggered.

(3) At the end of a term, a member continues to serve until a successor is appointed.

(4) An individual may be reappointed for a second term, but the individual may not serve more than two full, consecutive terms.

D. Vacancy.

(1) If a vacancy occurs, the Board shall appoint a new member to serve, as provided in this chapter.

(2) The successor member shall serve only for the remainder of the term, unless reappointed.

E. Chair.

(1) The Committee shall elect a chair from among its members.

(2) The chair shall serve for 2 years.

F. The Committee shall:

(1) Make recommendations to the Board regarding:

(a) Regulations governing athletic trainers;

(b) Continuing education requirements for license renewal; and

(c) The practice of athletic training;

(2) Develop and recommend to the Board an evaluation and treatment protocol for use by an athletic trainer and the physician with whom the athletic trainer practices;

(3) Upon request of the Board, provide advice and recommendations to the Board on individual evaluation and treatment protocols; and

(4) Keep a record of the Committee’s proceedings.