.06 Standard of Quality Care.

A. A physician shall ensure that the quality and quantity of data and other information is sufficient in making medical decisions.

B. Except when a physician is performing interpretive services, the physician shall perform a patient evaluation that meets the requirements set forth in Regulation .05 of this chapter before providing recommendations or making treatment decisions for a patient.

C. When a physician is providing interpretive services, the physician shall ensure that there is no clinically significant loss of data from image acquisition through transmission to final image display.

D. A physician practicing telemedicine shall:

(1) Except when providing interpretive services, obtain and document patient consent;

(2) Create and maintain adequate medical records;

(3) Follow requirements of Maryland and federal law and regulations with respect to the confidentiality of medical records and disclosure of medical records; and

(4) Adhere to requirements and prohibitions found in Health Occupations Article, §§1-212, 1-301—1-306, and 14-404, Annotated Code of Maryland.