.05 Registration, Re-registration, and Reinstatement.

A. After October 1, 1993, the Board may not accept or approve any application for registration or reinstatement of registration following a lapse of re-registration for a period of longer than 3 months.

B. Each person who has been registered by the Board as a psychiatrist's assistant pursuant to these regulations shall renew his registration every 2 years on the date specified by the Board by re-registration and payment of the appropriate fees. A person shall meet all the requirements of these regulations at re-registration.

C. A psychiatrist's assistant shall keep the Board apprised of his current post office address.

D. Notice of the required re-registration shall be given by the Board to the psychiatrist's assistant at the address as shown on the records of the Board.

E. The psychiatrist's assistant shall complete this re-registration by the date specified by the Board.

F. If a psychiatrist's assistant does not receive notice of re-registration it shall be his responsibility to contact the Board in order to complete this re-registration before the expiration of his current registration.

G. A psychiatrist's assistant whose registration has expired for failure to renew is unregistered and will be subject to the appropriate penalties and fees for reinstatement. A registration which has expired for a period longer than 3 months shall be considered permanently expired, and the psychiatrist's assistant is not eligible to reapply for registration or reinstatement.

H. For purposes of the re-registration, appropriate standards for continuing medical education for psychiatrist's assistants may be promulgated by the Board.