.04 Standards for Psychiatrist Supervision of Psychiatrist's Assistants.

A. The psychiatrist shall personally examine, diagnose, and establish a treatment plan for each patient before assigning a patient to a psychiatrist's assistant.

B. Adequate supervision of a psychiatrist's assistant in the performance of medical acts under these regulations requires the personal presence of the psychiatrist or the psychiatrist's participation through telephone contact, chart review, or other means as approved by the Board, or all of the above.

C. Adequate supervision does not necessarily require on-site supervision in all cases.

D. When in the performance of his medical duties, a psychiatrist's assistant finds a significant, new undiagnosed condition or a significant change in an existing diagnosed illness, the psychiatrist's assistant shall immediately apprise the supervising psychiatrist of the condition or change. The supervising psychiatrist shall then direct appropriate treatment and shall be available to promptly attend the patient.

E. A psychiatrist may not employ more than two full-time psychiatrist's assistants in a non institutional practice.