.14 Examination and Audit of Physician Assistant Practice.

A. Examination.

(1) The Board may direct a physician assistant who is an applicant or licensee to submit to an appropriate examination to determine the physician assistantís physical, mental, or professional ability to perform delegated medical acts.

(2) A physician assistant is deemed to have consented to an examination and waived any claim to privilege as to the examination report.

(3) The unreasonable failure or refusal of an applicant or licensee to submit to an examination is:

(a) Prima facie evidence that the physician assistant cannot perform delegated medical acts; and

(b) Cause for denial of an application or suspension of a license.

B. Entry.

(1) The executive director of the Board or other authorized representative or investigator may enter at any reasonable hour a place of business of a physician or physician assistant or into public premises:

(a) For the purpose of an audit to verify general compliance with the Maryland Physician Assistants Act; or

(b) To investigate an allegation with respect to a physician assistant.

(2) A person may not deny or interfere with an entry under §B(1) of this regulation.

(3) A person who violates any provision of §B(1) of this regulation is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $100.

C. Audit.

(1) The Boardís representatives may require a physician, physician assistant, or facility where the physician assistant is employed or practicing to provide access to any records relating to the physician assistantís employment, credentialing, and practice and any medical records of patients seen by the physician assistant.

(2) The Boardís representative shall refer possible compliance issues to:

(a) The compliance section of the Board; or

(b) An outside agency that has jurisdiction over a facility.