.16 Qualifications for Medical Licensing Examination.

To qualify for admission to Step 3 of the USMLE in the State, an individual shall:

A. For all medical graduates:

(1) Have obtained the doctor of medicine degree, or its equivalent, or the doctor of osteopathy degree before sitting for the examination;

(2) Have obtained passing scores on USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 with not more than three fails on each step; and

(3) Not later than the final deadline set by the Board's designee:

(a) Submit to the Board's designee a complete application that meets all the requirements for admission to Step 3 of USMLE as set by the Board, its designee, and USMLE; and

(b) Meet any other requirements that may be set by the Board and USMLE;

B. For graduates of foreign medical schools, meet the requirements of §A of this regulation and:

(1) Be certified by the ECFMG; or

(2) Have successfully completed a fifth pathway program approved by the Board; and

C. For applicants who have failed any step of the USMLE three times, submit evidence of having successfully completed 1 year of accredited clinical postgraduate medical education that:

(1) Meets all requirements described in Regulation .03G(2) of this chapter; and

(2) May not be used to meet the licensure requirements found in Regulation .03D of this chapter.