.05 Expired or Inactive Licensure.

A. A licensee who wishes to maintain the licensee's medical license but who does not wish to practice medicine in this State may apply for inactive status by submitting to the Board an application for an inactive license.

B. A licensee applying for an inactive license shall pay the inactive license fee and any additional charges set by the Board.

C. A licensee may apply for inactive status if the licensee has an unrestricted active license to practice medicine in this State and may also apply during the late renewal period immediately following expiration of the licensee's medical license.

D. A licensee with an inactive or expired license may not:

(1) Practice medicine within Maryland;

(2) Prescribe medication within Maryland; or

(3) Conduct peer reviews of physicians within Maryland.

E. The inactive status of a licensee does not deprive the Board of its authority to institute or continue a disciplinary proceeding against a licensee.

F. A physician whose license is expired or on inactive status and who wishes to practice medicine in Maryland shall apply for reinstatement on a form supplied by the Board. The physician is not licensed to practice medicine until the license is reinstated.