.04 Criteria.

A. Admission to the program may be the result of:

(1) Self-referral;

(2) Formal complaint; or

(3) Referral by the Board.

B. If participation in the program is a result of a voluntary action by an impaired practitioner, which results in a formal agreement with the Committee to undergo a course of treatment or rehabilitation, the Committee shall report to the Board only noncompliance with the agreement.

C. The Committee may not report to the Board those impaired practitioners who self-refer or who come to the attention of the Committee by a formal complaint if those practitioners comply with the formal agreement or program.

D. The Committee shall report to the Board any noncompliance with the treatment program, if the Board referral is the result of a public or nonpublic order or informal discipline imposed by the Board.

E. The impaired practitioner for whom the program was designed shall pay all costs associated with the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation program.