.09 Prohibited Acts.

A. The licensed nurse may not:

(1) Perform cosmetic procedures on a standing order or protocol;

(2) Perform the pre-procedure medical assessment or evaluation;

(3) Perform medical diagnosis or prescribe cosmetic procedures;

(4) Develop the client treatment plan;

(5) Prescribe medications for cosmetic or dermatological procedures;

(6) Perform the post-procedure medical evaluation of the client; and

(7) Administer injections for the purpose of:

(a) Mesotherapy; and

(b) Lipodissolve.

B. The nurse may not perform:

(1) Liposuction;

(2) Hair transplants;

(3) Invasive radiofrequency procedures;

(4) Phenopeels;

(5) Sculptra injections; and

(6) Lipostabil or phosphatidycholine for the purpose of lipodissolve.