.03 Education.

To perform infusion therapy, the licensee shall:

A. Complete an infusion therapy program of study which contains didactic content and a clinical practicum consistent with the standards of practice established by the INS or other bodies approved by the Board that includes but is not limited to:

(1) Infusion access devices;

(2) Selected infusates, blood, and blood components;

(3) Nursing assessment and monitoring skills required for the infusion therapy acts to be performed;

(4) Management of complications related to the infusion therapy and access devices; and

(5) Delivery devices;

B. Have documented evidence of clinical competency before independently:

(1) Inserting infusion devices; or

(2) Managing the care of patients receiving infusion therapy;

C. Perform the infusion therapy acts on a frequent routine predictable basis in order to retain practice proficiency;

D. Be evaluated for continued clinical competency at planned periodic time intervals; and

E. Obtain additional education on nursing assessment and monitoring when the patient population changes.