.03 Criteria for Participation in the Program.

A. Admission to the program is voluntary.

B. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, direct-entry midwives, electrologists, medication technicians, advanced practice registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, or applicants for licensure or certification with a substance use disorder or mental illness, may be referred to the program through self-report, formal complaint, or the Board of Nursing.

C. A licensee, certificate holder, or applicant requesting to participate in the program may not have:

(1) Caused injury to an individual while the licensee or certificate holder was practicing as a licensee or certificate holder; or

(2) Been arrested, convicted, or both, for diversion of controlled substances for sale or distribution.

D. The committee and each program participant shall enter into a written agreement which lists the individual requirements for the participantís participation in the program and the conditions which shall be met by the participant.

E. If a licensee, certificate holder, or applicant fails to enter into a written agreement provided by the committee, the committee shall deny admission to the program and refer the licensee, certificate holder, or applicant to the Board for consideration of disciplinary action or denial of licensure or certification.