.06 Scope of Practice.

A. A certified nurse midwife who meets the requirements of Regulation .02 of this chapter may perform the following functions:

(1) Independent management of clients appropriate to the skill and educational preparation of the certified nurse midwife and the nurse midwife's clinical practice guidelines;

(2) Consult or collaborate with a physician or other health care provider as needed; and

(3) Refer clients with complications beyond the scope of practice of the certified nurse midwife to a licensed physician.

B. A certified nurse midwife shall keep a record of all cases attended.

C. A certified nurse midwife has the right and obligation to refuse to perform any delegated medical act, oral or written, if, in the certified nurse midwife’s judgment, it is unsafe or an invalidly prescribed medical act or beyond the competence of the certified nurse midwife, in which case the nurse midwife shall notify the delegating physician at once.