.05 Practice Before Certification.

A. A registered nurse who meets the qualifications to sit for the AMCB national certifying examination or any other certifying examination approved by the Board who has taken that examination and is waiting for the results of it may practice as a nurse midwife graduate before certification if the:

(1) Practice is under the supervision of a certified nurse midwife who shall be physically available to the nurse midwife graduate;

(2) Supervising certified nurse midwife signs a written supervision agreement on the required form to provide the supervision; and

(3) Nurse midwife graduate files with the Board a copy of the admission slip to the Board-approved certifying examination and a copy of the signed supervision agreement.

B. A nurse midwife graduate who has entered into a supervision agreement under this regulation shall immediately notify the Board and the supervising certified nurse midwife of the results of the Board-approved certifying examination.

C. A nurse midwife graduate may not continue to practice under a supervision agreement under this regulation for more than 1 year from the filing of all documents required under §A of this regulation, or after the denial of AMCB or other Board-approved certification, whichever occurs first.