.05 Procedure for Renewal of State Recognition.

A. An electronic advance directives service seeking renewal of its State Recognition status shall:

(1) At least 45 days prior to the expiration of State Recognition status, file a complete application for renewal in a form and manner specified by the Commission; and

(2) Demonstrate compliance with the State Recognition criteria in effect at the date of the Commissionís receipt of the application for renewal.

B. Commission staff shall review a renewal application and make a recommendation to the Commission regarding:

(1) The applicantís compliance with the State Recognition criteria;

(2) The applicantís compliance with terms and conditions of the prior recognition; and

(3) Its assessment of the quality of the service provided by the electronic advance directives service.

C. The Commission shall approve an application for renewal of State Recognition status by an electronic advance directives service that:

(1) Continues to meet all State Recognition criteria;

(2) Has complied with the terms and condition of its previous award of State Recognition status; and

(3) Has provided high quality service to persons who utilize its electronic advance directives service.

D. If Commission staff recommends denial of a renewal application, the procedure in Regulation .04C(2) of this chapter applies.